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Grands Crus

Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos - 0,67 ha

  • Vineyard : planted in 1964 by our grandfather, located on the lower half of the hillside facing the town of Chablis. It is the historical heart of the vineyard.

  • Wine : complex with an affirmed mineral sap and a great length. Great wine to forget in the cellar.

Chablis Grand Cru Blanchot - 0,22 ha

  • Vineyard : planted in 1982 by our father, located in the low and very sloping part of Blanchot. Small plot mulched with hemp and worked exclusively by hand.

  • Wine : fine and elegant, long, with floral notes. To keep for a few years.

Chablis Grand Cru Vaudésir - 0,57 ha

  • Vineyard : replanted in 1992 by our father, located on the site (south facing) of the famous Vaudésir valley.

  • Wine : greedy, complex and long, with notes of ripe fruits. To keep for a few years.


Premiers Crus

Chablis Premier Cru "La Fourchaume Dédé" - 0,28 ha

  • Vineyard : historic vineyard planted in 1964 by our grandfather André, known as Dédé, located in the western part of the vineyard.

  • Wine :

Chablis Premier Cru La Fourchaume - 1,27 ha

  • Vineyard : Three neighboring plots facing West, planted in the 60s, 80s and 90s in the heart of the historic Fourchaume hillside in the commune of La Chapelle-Vaupelteigne.

  • Wine : fleshy, ample and persistent, on the ripe fruits, to keep some years.

Chablis Premier Cru Montmains - 0,55 ha

  • Vineyard : planted in 1971 by our grandfather, located in the Montmains climate on the edge of the Forest climate.

  • Wine : solid with its wild profile of ripe fruit, mineral with fine iodine and smoke notes. A wine to keep.

Chablis Premier Cru Mont de Milieu - 0,75 ha

  • Vineyard : replanted in 1995 by our father, located at the top of the hillside at the western end of the Monts de Milieu, Chablis side.

  • Wine : Ripe, elegant, crystalline and long, mineral and minty notes.

Chablis Premier Cru Vau de Vey - 2,77 ha

  • Vineyard : planted in 1979 and taken over by Romain in 2006, large plot of land in one piece on a steep slope facing East, organic since 2010.

  • Wine : beautiful maturity balanced by a fine and delicate profile and a typical freshness of this climate.

Chablis Premier Cru Beauroy - 2,40 ha

  • Vineyard : planted in 1980, large plot on a steep slope near the lake of Beine.

  • Wine : greedy, on ripe fruits with smoky notes and a pleasant mineral tension on the finish


Chablis and Petit Chablis

cadre étiquette.jpg

Chablis "Gabrielle" - 2,5 ha

  • Vineyard : planted from 1970 to 1980 by our grandparents Gabrielle and André, is located in the Vieilles Vignes de la Chapelle vineyard, which runs east-west.

  • Wine : 

Chablis "A l'Ouest" - 2,50 ha 

  • Vineyard : Comes from our most western parcel of our vineyard in the commune of Beine, on a hillside overlooking the Premier Cru Vau Ligneau. The soil is predominantly limestone and faces south.

  • Wine : Natural wine vinified and matured without any input, no added sulfites. Generous and tonic at the same time, an ultra glouglou Chablis.

Chablis - env. 15,30 ha 

  • Vineyard : assembly of plots of land of approximately 30 years on average, located on the communes of Chablis, La Chapelle and Beine.

  • Wine : Nice ripe fruit and mineral freshness. A wine to enjoy now and for several years.

Petit Chablis - 1,75 ha

  • Vineyard : plateau vineyard planted in the 1980s on Portlandian soil.

  • Wine : greedy, perfumed, to be appreciated in its youth.

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